Hi, we are foodoclock

A startup from Finland, which helps restaurant to connect and understand their customers to increase sales.

We are on piloting phase of the new product, so we offer for limited amount of restaurant a possibility to have the product free of charge in use.

Got interested? Leave your contact info, and we get back you within 48hours.

Collect Feedback

Let your customer download a well-designed application to collect stamps by reading a QR code with their smart phones and receive their feedback about the food and customer experience.

Build customer relations

Access a management tool to understand your customers with the help of data we deliver to you, as well as have a possibility to explore new ways of communicating with your loyal customers.


We will let your customers to provide feedback from the food and service they purchased to help you become the best of the best.

Increase Sales

Reward returning loyal customer with a friendly communication and provide unique deals for them. At the same time you attract new customers by being easily founded via restaurant explore map

Save Money

Have one single annual fee for your whole loyalty program which we will continuously develop to help you to do better business, and you can just enjoy the results.

Meet the team

  • Richard Zilahi

    Richard Zilahi

    Co-Founder, 2nd round startup entrepreneur focused on the engineering side.


  • Sami Puttonen

    Co-Founder, Second round startup entrepreneur, focused on sales, business planning and leadership.

    +358 45 846 3991‬ | sami.puttonen@foodoclock.fi

    Richard Zilahi
  • Yuliya Nesterenko

    Yuliya Nesterenko

    Co-Founder, Digital Marketing expert who has a wide experience working with startups.

Got interested? Leave your contact info, and we get back you within 48hours.